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Benefits of the Broadband PBX Hosted PBX Service Solution from PBX.NET:

PBX.NET eliminates the need for in-house equipment and therefore eliminates all the issues associated with equipment such as obsolescence, maintenance, and upgrades. Also, since Telco and Internet services can be provided on the same platform, PBX.NET eliminates the need for multiple vendors as well.

PBX.NET will simply connect you to the core of our platform through a dedicated and reliable broadband T1,DSL,Cable,Wi-Fi,& WiMax, providing you with advanced features offered by just a few high-end PBXs. Our customers enjoy and benefit from the best of both worlds: Feature-richness of an advanced PBX with freedom and flexibility of a hosted service.

No PBX Equipment
No phone system means no obsolescence, maintenance and upgrade issues
and no need to tie-up an employee to maintain or coordinate outside vendors
to repair or upgrade the PBX periodically.

Consolidated Service
One company provides you with all the PBX, Telco and Internet services that
you utilize on daily basis. Instead of dealing with a phone system vendor,
Local Phone Company for phone lines, Long Distance Company, broadband
Internet access, and conferencing services, PBX.NET delivers all those
systems and services under one reliable and advanced platform.
Complete, reliable Hosted PBX business phone systems from PBX.NET.

With PBX.NET's hosted PBX service, you can buy the exact number of lines
that are needed, and readily add more lines as needed. In contrast, with a
PBX you have to purchase a lot of equipment regardless of your exact needs.
Also,when adding stations to a PBX, there are costs not only for the line cards,
but periodically for additional cabinets to accommodate the line cards.

Operations and Maintenance
PBX.NET is responsible for the day-to-day operations and maintenance
of your Hosted PBX. This includes adding new lines and changing faulty
components. With a traditional PBX in your location, you would be responsible
for these functions, the expenses as well as keeping an inventory of spare parts.

PBX.NET monitors the network 24 x 7 and has staff to immediately respond to alarms and equipment failures. Our staff, located at our corporate headquarters in Farmington Hills (Detroit),Michigan as well as at all our data centers,will provide complete business phone system expertise and maintenance.

PBX.NET maintains a state-of-art carrier-grade soft switch, continuously adding great features and services. You will have the ability to access these new services without purchasing any additional hardware.

Manage your calls, messages and use your cell phone or a laptop soft phone as your business extension from anywhere using any phone or any Internet connection. With PBX.NET, you can conduct business from anywhere.

One Bill
Increase your efficiency by dealing with one reliable vendor and paying one flat monthly bill.

Features of the Broadband PBX Service Solution from PBX.NET:
Keep Your Current Telephone Number               
Voice Mail                
3-Way Calling               
Call Forwarding               
Call Waiting ID             
Find Me/Follow me                
7 Digit Dialing              
Speed Dial             
Voice Mail Via Email                
Caller ID with Name                
Caller ID Block                
Do Not Disturb                
Blind Transfer                
e911 Dialing               
Anonymous Call Rejection                
Selective Call Rejection                
N-way Conference                
Selective Call Forward               
Call Forward All Calls                
Transfer to Voicemail                
Attended Transfer              
Music on Hold               
Direct Inward Dialing (DID)               
Web Portal
And more           

Broadband PBX Feature Details-

Keep Your Current Phone Number-
We will port your phone number to our system quickly and hassle free.

Web Portal-
Manage almost every aspect of your phone system from an easy to use web application.

Voice Mail-
Enjoy all the features you would expect from Voice Mail plus extra features such as access to your Voice Mail via email or the web.

3-Way Calling-
Connect to two other parties and talk to them simultaneously on the same call.

Call Forwarding-
Stay connected, Have your calls sent to your cell phone, business phone or a friends phone.

Call Waiting ID-
If you are on the phone and another call comes in you can view who is calling and choose to answer while the previous caller is put on hold.

Find Me-
With Find Me you can have your incoming calls "find you" at multiple phone numbers, one after another. If you don't pick up at one number, the call will move on to the next, until either you pick up or the call terminates.

3,4,7,10,& 10+ Digit Dialing-
Some providers require you to dial the area code even for local calls, not with PBX.NET. You can dial your telephone just like normal, for local,domestic long distance,international long distance,and extension to extension dialing, no matter
where in the world your extensions are located.

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)-
You can call other people using our service by just dialing the last four digits of their phone number.

Voice Mail Via Email or Web-
Receive your voice mail in your email client as audio file attachment.
To listen to your message, simply click on this attachment file and it will then play in
the appropriate sound file player on your PC.

Please contact our Sales Department for the Current VoIP Phone Service/Hosted PBX Phone Services Rate Plans available in your area, VoIP/Hosted PBX Phone Services Sign Up,and Hardware or Software Product Ordering. Call 866-342-5864 or E-mail: sales(at)pbx.net.

Click Here to Chat Live with a PBX.NET Customer Support Assistant.Click Here to Chat Live with a PBX.NET Customer Support Assistant - For Help AnyTime! Please ask for more information about our Products and Services. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding our VOIP/Voice over IP & Hosted PBX Services, Products, and Technology.

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