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Plantronics Headset Adapter AmplifierAdapters & Amplifiers:
Plantronics Amplifier A20    Call     
Plantronics Cordless Amplifier CA10 $207 
Plantronics USB to Headset Connector DA50  Call 
Plantronics Base Unit M12 $95
Plantronics Base Unit MX10 Call 
Plantronics Base Unit P10 $91

Plantronics Headset
Headset Tops:
Plantronics Duo Pro H151      $87
Plantronics Duo Pro Noise Cancel H151N     $99
Plantronics Duo Pro H161        $87
Plantronics Duo Pro Noise Cancel H161N        $99
Plantronics Duo Pro Noise Cancel H171N        $106
Plantronics Duo Pro H181        $87
Plantronics Duo Pro Noise Cancel H181N        $99
Plantronics Duo Pro H141        $72
Plantronics Duo Pro Noise Cancel H141N        $85
Plantronics Encore Monaural H91        $92
Plantronics Encore Monaural Noise Cancel H91N                  $105
Plantronics Encore Binaural H101        $107
Plantronics Encore Binaural H101N        $119
Plantronics TriStar H81        $92
Plantronics TriStar H81N        $104
Plantronics FreeHand Noise Cancel H132N        $84
Plantronics Mirage H41        $79
Plantronics Mirage Noise Cancel H41N        $94
Plantronics Supra Plus Monaural H251        $69
Plantronics Supra Monaural Noise Cancel H251N        $83
Plantronics Supra Binaural H61        $84
Plantronics Supra Binaural Noise Cancel H61N        $97
Plantronics Wireless System w/Lifter CS55                                $275
Plantronics Wireless System w/Lifter (IP Phones) AWH55          $275
Plantronics S20 System        $182
Plantronics Cordless Telephone System CT12        $119
Plantronics S10 System        $91
Plantronics Single-Line Telephone w/ Headset T10        $87
Plantronics Dual-Line Telephone w/ Headset T20        $100
Plantronics Mobile Headsets    Call
Plantronics Computer and Audio Headsets    Call
Plantronics USB and Bluetooth Headsets      Call

Please contact us for pricing on any items you might not see here.
All equipment pricing comes with a one year warranty.
Prices are subject to change.
Availability of all products not guaranteed.
Certain products under this category are not listed above.
For further information:Please call 866-342-5864 or                                 email: plantronicssales(at)pbx.net .

Click Here to Chat Live with a PBX.NET Customer Support Assistant.Click Here to Chat with a PBX.NET Customer Support Assistant - For Live Help AnyTime! Please ask for more information about our Products and Services. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding VOIP/Voice over IP Technology.

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